Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Dresses from Dotty P!

Dorthy Perkins has a 50% off sale and I took full advantage of that and I bought three spring dresses and a belt but I accidently ordered a small :/ Sorry for the crap quality I couldn't find my digital camera

I LOVE the butterfly print of this dress. When looking at this dress I thought it looked expensive and designer made. The pattern is something so different and nothing like anything I own! I'm really happy I took the plunge and bought it because I'm in love!

Admittedly I had been against maxi dresses because I thought they'd make me look stumpy- err stumpier but I finally cracked because maxi dresses are really easy to dress up or dress down and they actually make me look taller (who knew). I bought this basic knotted black maxi. To dress it down I'd pair it with a denim vest and sandals and to dress it up I'd pair it with a gold jewelry and heels.

I adore this dress! Its form fitting but whatever, I'm fat, you can tell that I'm fat whether I'm wearing a tent or spandex so why not wear something that I like and that's pretty, enter: this dress! I love that its floral but its not OVERLY floral also this dress is pretty timeless, I could wear it 10 years from now and not stick out like a sore thumb.

I'm definitely trying to overhaul my personal style. Now that I'm an adult *gulp* leaving the house in track pants, even if I'm going to the movies on a Sunday afternoon, just isn't appropriate anymore, so these dresses are a step in that direction. They are completely my style and are more polished than hoodies from American Apparel ;)

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